Dulwich Infill

Adding Our submission to the ‘The London Terrace Side Extension’ typology is this simple project in East Dulwich.

As is typical of many houses of this nature, the ground floor is defined by two small rooms and a narrow kitchen. In order to open up the kitchen and provide more comfortable cooking and dining space we have extended the ground floor of the outrigger.

Internally we have provided a new WC and space for coats off the hallway, which opens up into the newly formed room. Infilling the space at the side of kitchen with a glass roof and wall ensures the new room is filled with light and gives a unashamedly modern feel to the room. The new space is complemented with a simple kitchen and timber shelving.

The new glass provides ever changing character to the space as the sun tracks around the house, whilst the seamless flooring running onto the patio brings the outside in, extending the new room into garden.