We are specialists in low energy building design, and are one of the few practices in the UK that can build houses that are certified to the Passivhaus Standard.

Passivhaus is a way of designing and constructing buildings so that they require little or no energy to heat and have excellent indoor air quality and comfort levels. Many clients don’t believe us when we tell them we can design a house that needs no heating system. With efficient design, and rigorous construction techniques, this is easily achievable, and houses don’t need to look any different because of it.

Our approach to all jobs, regardless of size, includes considering the impact of our work upon the occupants and the environment. This includes the cost of running a building, the affect it has on your health and the impact it has on the environment. We build healthy, comfortable buildings which are a joy to live and work in, are cheap to run, and have minimal impact on the environment. We can also apply these principals to existing buildings to make them more spacious, pleasant and energy efficient.