RDA Studio: The Old Bakery

Our current studio has undergone many transformations in its lifetime. From a bakery in the 1880s, to a dental surgery to an architectural studio. RDA were keen to reflect the building’s history when renovating. Victorian photographs allowed RDA to sensitively design a timber shopfront that reflects the buildings past whilst fitting seamlessly into its current surroundings.

During the build a larger basement was constructed. Allowing for a kitchen, WC, and shower room, encouraging staff to cycle in.  A surprise discovery was the Victorian bakers’ oven. After an archaeological investigation, the oven was exposed and a small office created. Leaving the original brick ceiling uncovered.  The rest of the building underwent a major transformation.

The front of the shop has been designed to be flexible. Movable furniture allows the space to be used as a temporary gallery or yoga studio. Skylights were added to allow for a greater degree of light to be thrown into the basement. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems were installed. The furniture is intentionally simple and functional and although designed on a budget, forms a stunning part of the office.

The internal environment is monitored for Co2, particulate matters, volatile compounds and general pollution. Allowing us to ensure that our workplace is healthy and comfortable. It also contributes to the transformation of the streetscape helping to regenerate this previously forgotten area of East Dulwich.