The Old Stables

The Old Stables is an addition to an infill site, set on a Mews at the rear of a market street in East Dulwich. Our Client wanted a live/work space to use as a workspace downstairs and a studio flat upstairs.  Given access to the site was incredibly restrictive and there were issues of overlooking, it was decided to use a modular off-site construction method.

The house was designed to fit in with the mews by using a brick clad SIPS panel construction. Windows were shaped to create visual interest and minimise overlooking, and a general industrial aesthetic was employed. The structure was made in a Southampton SIP manufacturing warehouse and bought to site in 3 modules to be lifted into place over the main street. It took longer to get the road closure licence to carry out these lifts than it took to build the building! The building was lifted into place on foundations that had been previously formed and was subsequently fitted out in a matter of weeks.

Initial thermal modelling was carried out in PHPP and whilst the client did not want to pursue a certified Passivhaus design, the house is incredibly thermally efficient.

The project is now finished and in use. This was done on a tight budget delivering a live/work space of approximately 100 square metres for a cost of around £150,000. Both spaces work beautifully and the Clients and occupants are all very happy with the space.